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The way consultants are the brain child of a brilliant young lawyer Mr. Prashant Kothari. It was started in April 2003 in Udaipur city of Rajasthan. Generously The Way Consultants has grown from a small firm to an enterprise valued in millions.


Since inception The Way Consultants has shown a way of prosperity, happiness and satisfaction to both employers and job seekers. Though it started from a small city of Udaipur, it has unleashed its potential and caliber in all sectors of Indian Industry. Fulfilling requirements from entry to top level of Corporates.


As mentioned earlier more than 7,000 Job seekers and 21 MNCs are the satiated clients. We ourselves have a huge and growing database of promising quality job seekers which have a history of success in Pharmaceuticals, IT, FMCG and other Industries. This gives us a winning advantage in placement of right person for right job instantly.


Just after submission of a resume we search a job matching knowledge, work experience, offering good compensation, excellent work environment and tremendous scope for growth and development at a suitable location as soon as possible. We aim to provide employers a stable, competent, efficient, capable workforce. We ourselves check the profile of the candidate, skills and communication ability.

We also provide training on the grounds of Business Communication, Business Promotion, Business Ethics, Work Environment, Planning and Leadership. So that fresher or experienced person may get himself oriented to the highly competitive world. All of this at a very reasonable cost.


Job seekers can get our help by submitting their resumes and other necessary details on our Job Seeker page. Employers will get a call from our business executive as soon as you share your requirement with us on our Employers page.


For other enquiries you may call 91-9214060560

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